Gabriel Flora House

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mentioned rate include shipping?

No, Shipping Charges extra. According to your wish, we will send you palnts in followinfg courier.

How much I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping charges based on weight and distance. Kindly refer the following table for futher details.
S.No State Weight Cost
1. Tamil Nadu 1 kg(upto 10 plants) 50
2. Karnataka 1 kg(upto 10 plants) 100
3. Kerala 1 kg(upto 10 plants) 100
4. AP and Telangana 1 kg(upto 10 plants) 100
5. Other States 1/2 kg(upto 5 plants) 130
6. Other States 1 kg(upto 10 plants) 200
Note: The above metioned charges are DTDC courerier charges. It may chage based on the courier.

How to prepare soil for succulents? How much water should be poured? Where I have to keep the succulents? Which pot is suitable for succulent?

To get the answer for these questions kindly watch our video given blow. It will help you to understand much about succulents and also it will answer most of your questions.